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The Slave Market

Slave breeding farms. Slave breeding in the United States

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Unlike the scenes, you may have seen on television of slaves being off-loaded from ships and sold at auction. Southern legislators joined with northern ones in passing both the acts that banned the external slave trading but ignored slavery. When that child left us she stayed in the woods until she got so hungry she just had to go back.

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As Smithers explains, professional historians long disavowed slave breeding, which they defined in narrow, economic terms. Cheap labor that allowed America to compete with other nations. Or the Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in Canada, [Patsy] had a genial and pleasant temper, and was faithful and obedient.

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A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry in the United States

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In process of time he ravished her person and became the father of a child by her. He look like de wild boar. But as well as I can recollect from what my mother told me, my father sold her and myself soon after her confinement [period of seclusion after childbirth].

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