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Why is a South African issue sparking debates in Australia?

South africans forced to carry id cards identifying race. South African Apartheid-Era Identity Numbers

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The court noted that private and confidential medical information contains highly sensitive and personal information about individuals, and reflects "delicate decisions and choices relating to issues pertaining to bodily and psychological integrity and personal autonomy" para 40 , and that there is therefore "a strong privacy interest in maintaining confidentiality" para Part of the challenge included an argument that a witness' privacy is invaded when he or she is forced to disclose their books or documents that they want to keep confidential and to reveal information that they want to keep to themselves. The hack targeted Armscor's settlement and invoicing system, and leaked approximately 63MB in HTML files on the dark web, including ordering and payment details for various companies.

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The Matthews Commission's report noted that the NCC is able to conduct "environmental scanning" of signals and unspecified other forms of "bulk collection" which appears to include mass monitoring of telecommunications, including conversations, emails, text messages and data, without judicial authorisations or other safeguards. In terms of the rules of Parliament, the JSCI operates behind closed doors by default and any documents before it are classified. In May , an investigation by the Daily Maverick revealed that law enforcement agents frequently use section of the Criminal Procedure Act to access call data records in a worrying number of cases, pursuant to section 15 of RICA. Surveillance actors All state intelligence structures are governed by the National Strategic Intelligence Act.

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Black , White and Coloured mixed. This position was, however, qualified by some of the other judges, who noted that this could be subject to limitation in appropriate circumstances, such as with regard to child pornography.

The Online Reference Guide to African American History

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