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Spare the ROD Spoil the Child? The TRUTH about the ROD.

Spare the rod spoil the child bible verse. `Spare the rod, spoil the child' isn't biblical

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The poor, yet industrious, thrive, though in a homely manner, while those who have great riches are often brought to poverty for want of judgment. Since that time, almost 20 years ago, I have spent many laboring hours preparing sermons and writing Bible studies on topics of marriage, love, money, miracles, gifts of the Spirit, parenting, and most importantly the Grace of God as seen through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit provides discernment for parents to give out the specific punishment for each child. Proverbs

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We protect our children not only by providing the basics necessary for their survival adequate food, water, clothing, and shelter. He has cursed his father or his mother, and his blood will be on his own head. Those that are wicked, and false to Christ and to the souls of men, do mischief, and fall into mischief; but those that are faithful, find sound words healing to others and to themselves.

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Spanking is not discipline; it does not teach a child how to be a better person. And even adults who do not heed correction will feel the consequences of their foolishness Proverbs Proverbs

How should parents apply the verse today?

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