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Science With Ina (Phrenology)

Study of the head phrenology. Phrenology

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In , the Fowlers began publishing the American Phrenological Journal, which quickly became one of the most widely read magazines in the nation and remained in circulation until Hollander introduced a quantitative approach to the phrenological diagnosis, defining a method for measuring the skull, and comparing the measurements with statistical averages. These publications advised readers on the best daily regimens of diet, work, and play for proper mental functioning. Sometimes a special caliper or a measuring tape is used to measure the exact size and location of the bumps.

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An infamous historical discipline finally investigated, and a topnotch science pun: The basic tenets of Gall's system were: Such value judgments about the so-called virtues and vices of historical subjects are now seen as outside the scope of historians' projects.

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He was correct in saying that brain function was localized this was a novel idea at the time , but unfortunately, he got everything else wrong. Meanwhile, Lorenzo spent much of his life in England where he initiated the famous phrenological publishing house, L. The Fowlers swept through Britain on a successful lecture tour before establishing various phrenological institutions, societies and publishing concerns. Phrenologists also diagnosed one's temperament or humour - an oft forgotten component of phrenology.

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In fact, phrenology helped move American psychology forward in various ways. Sometimes callipers, measuring tapes and other instruments were used. The Phrenological Society of Edinburgh founded by George and Andrew Combe was an example of the credibility of phrenology at the time, and included a number of extremely influential social reformers and intellectuals, including the publisher Robert Chambers , the astronomer John Pringle Nichol , the evolutionary environmentalist Hewett Cottrell Watson , and asylum reformer William A.

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