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Again, there is often a significant surgical scar. Because needles and injections are used in tattooing, improperly sterilized equipment can spread viruses. Getting a tattoo significantly increases a person's risk of contracting viral hepatitis.

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Who gets a tattoo? Small tattoos can be cut out surgically and then stitched closed. After finishing medical school and dermatology training at the University of Oklahoma, Paul came to Colorado to further his knowledge in this specialty. Links to other information As an alternative to permanent tattoos, consider Henna Tattoos that last for a short time.

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Some LASER systems work best for black pigment, while other systems work better for red or green pigments. Sometimes, tattoos are made when the pigment is accidentally pushed into the skin. The earliest methods of tattoo treatment simply removed the top layers of skin where the pigment was located. Several articles document that it is harder to leave a gang lifestyle once the members are tattooed.

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Again, there is often a significant surgical scar. He also teaches at the University of Colorado Department of Dermatology and volunteers his time working with gang members to have their tattoos removed. Many people get tattoos impulsively and without much thought.

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Dermabrasion is a similar technique that uses a high-speed rotating sanding bit. Most decorative tattoos are made by intentionally injecting pigment under the skin surface to create permanent artistic designs. A "tattoo" refers to any permanent mark made by placing colored material "pigment" under the skin surface.

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