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Ancient Spartan Women [History]

Treatment of women in sparta. Women in ancient Sparta

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Much of the manual labour of everyday life would be carried out by the state owned helots, leaving a Spartan woman time to consider motherhood, prepare for it, and give birth to as many strong babies as she could. Mothers reared their sons until age 7 and then society took over.

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More specifically, the marriage was arranged by the father, and the arrangement was usually made among families that had a good relationship. Women did not have a vote in the assembly but seem to have had a lot of influence behind the scene.

The health of Spartan women

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As for physical education spartan women were taught how to ride a horse, running, fighting, throwing disks and spears and the traditional show of force. They were allowed entrance into many places slaves and second-class women could not go. They thought that women had poor minds and, as such, were not fit for any kind of education. More specifically, the marriage was arranged by the father, and the arrangement was usually made among families that had a good relationship.

The Women of Athens

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