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The Tudors Jane is ready to give birth

Tudor childbirth. Childbirth in Medieval and Tudor Times by Sarah Bryson

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The scale of such operations — which were often run by women — was variable. This article was first published by History Extra in June

Childbirth in Medieval and Tudor Times by Sarah Bryson

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This is simply an inherent element of bearing children. It is interesting to examine medieval texts to see what they say about what happened during childbirth. Domestic skills were essential. Thoughts would then turn to the birth.

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Although physically these things could not have assisted in the birth, the faith and belief that women had in them would have helped them psychologically and could have helped them deal with their fear and worries over child-birth. Both Henry Cooe and Mother Bowden were later charge with immorality by the parish officials.

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Licence, Amy "How Times Change! The ordeal was a hard one, and the birth took two days and three nights. Thoughts would then turn to the birth.

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