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Disneyland's Hidden Wifi Statues! Disney Park Secrets - DIStory Minnie Ep. 1! Disney Park History

Walt disney statue secret. Five Fun Facts About the Partners Statue at Magic Kingdom Park

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They look like American flags, but they are all missing a star or a stripe that makes them not actual American flags. I had Mary doing supercalifragilistic backwards!

Disney chooses a "family of the day" to open Magic Kingdom every morning.

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The colonials would take the metal hinges off the shutters to melt down for bullets and would hang the shutters with leather straps. I had Mary doing supercalifragilistic backwards! There is a Hidden Tinker Bell in a pane of broken glass over the coffin!

Park Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want You to Know

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The little critter, in the cave-like room just before the last drop. The chalkboard in the barbershop on Main Street has all the Hurricanes listed as if they were next to get haircuts.

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