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Whats on an Army base

What happens if you get a dishonorable discharge. Types of Military Discharges

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There are several types of discharges, including honorable, general, less than honorable, bad conduct and dishonorable. Other certificates for long service, or to eligible spouses of veterans, may also be presented.

Dishonorable Discharge

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It is a complicated process, and one that is often best done with the help of legal assistance. Characterization of the discharge will normally be Honorable unless characterization of service as General under honorable conditions is warranted by the military records. Military members who receive a Dishonorable Discharge forfeit all military and veterans benefits and may have a difficult time finding work in the civilian sector.

Honorable Discharge

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Those who commit the most dire military or criminal offenses, such as murder, rape, desertion or high treason can receive a dishonorable discharge by a general court-martial. The Process Once a person is charged with a crime, they will go to trial before the court-martial, or military court. Now, before we get started, know that commissioned officers cannot get discharges of any type.

Types of Military Discharges

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A person who has received a dishonorable discharge is no longer permitted to own firearms or vote in elections. In some cases, Marines awarded other types of discharge have their status amended to honorable, given exceptional achievements in post-military life.

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