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Amish Mafia where are they now? pennsylvania

Where is amish mafia filmed in lancaster. A Growing Backlash Against 'Amish Exploitation' In Pennsylvania

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Now preparing for a fourth season, the show centers on a foursome who take on alleged wrongdoers with strong-arm tactics and sometimes violence - such as torching the car of a non-Amish man illegally renting vehicles to Amish teens. Or if you think that its sister company, The Learning Channel TLC , is about learning new insight or information, you are mistaken. Historian says his new tour will prove it is Updated February 28, at


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Hot Snakes Media Amish Mafia is set and filmed in Lancaster County, in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, where the Amish community plays a big part in agriculture and tourism — two of the region's biggest industries. Haverstick and others also say the show doesn't reflect the real Lancaster - sprawling countryside dotted with farmsteads and vast fields of corn, soybeans and wheat - or its 30, Amish residents. One Columbia resident said: Meacham signed a document granting the film crew permission to shoot video on the store premises.

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She's asked for a meeting with the Discovery Channel, and says her group's next move will be to put pressure on the show's sponsors. Revealing The Real Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine "The Amish elder who told me that these shows make them look like garbage — when he said that to me with clear pain in his voice, I think it's a moment I'll never forget, and I knew right then we were on the right track," she says.


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Jake said he appreciated the rising opposition against the show. Related stories Tourism vs. He's never watched the shows, since the Amish typically shun modern conveniences like electricity, but he's aware of them and finds the portrayals offensive. John, the junior member of the group, is the son of the late former protector who maintained peace in the community for many years before Levi took power.


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Claiming to be based in the heart of Amish country — southcentral Lancaster County — one scene shows characters John and Esther chatting on a river bank. Discovery Networks It's no secret many "reality" TV shows bear little resemblance to actual reality. Is 'Amish Mafia' fake? A lifelong friend, Alvin is at first glance an average passive Amish community member.

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