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Where do The Races Come From?

Why did god create different races. God's Delight in Different Ethnicities

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That alone should unite us beyond ethnicity, language or culture. Invite others into your community. Usually they assume I am Chinese—or Korean, if they have never met a Korean person before.

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The Bible condemns hybridity; and in fact, condemns interracial marriage. Summary The dispersion of people which would have followed the imposition of new languages at Babel, would have produced situations of cultural and environmental difference. The efficiency of this judgment can be seen when you attempt to get groups of people of different nationalities to work together. Humans constitute a single species because our subpopulations are interfertile.

God Has Made Us Equal

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Plus, the boundaries between traditional racial groups are blurred, since people have intermingled throughout history. The problem was clearly that the Moabite and Midianite women were causing the Israelites to worship and sacrifice to idols, not the issue of race.

Concerning the origin of the races, the Bible records that:

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