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Self Esteem - The offspring

A self loathing 90s anthem. Crossword Quiz Music Level 4

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The simplicity of that harmony. However, it topped the adult pop radio chart and reached the pop top 10 in many countries. It didn't make sense, and not in an unpleasant way. He's said that, regarding the drink issues he had, the lyrics were a cry for help.

Dinosaur Jr, Freak Scene (September 1988)

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Harrington began writing at the age of 10, an act that provoked a rejection slip from Mad magazine. It was a narrative that wherever emotionally or spiritually he was coming from, it had different meaning for me. And then you encased his vocals in this sublime music. The album Missundaztood veered away from the teen pop of Pink's first album to a more mature sound.

Radiohead – “Creep” (1993)

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While making Trainspotting, Boyle had used Underworld's album Dubnobasswithmyheadman as a sort of rhythmic guide, but randomly found this 12" remix in a record shop, listened to it, and immediately knew he needed to end the film with it. Which is, like, a totally Gen X thing to do … or whatever. Quiet down the voices of the guys in too-large backwards caps yelling tasteless jokes, the chorus of raspy girls with dreadlocks warning you of vague toxins, the smug reassurances of the bros a year older than you to just chill out, dude. So rather than even try to look on the bright side, let's wallow in our misery!

Crossword Quiz Solutions

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