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Ailurophobes fear. Ailurophobia

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Some possible situations that can trigger the loathing of cats are hearing purring, seeing a cat in real life, imagining the possibility of a cat touching or rubbing against one, the thought of meeting a cat in the dark, seeing the staring eyes of a cat, cats in pictures and on television, and cat-like toys and cat-like fur. Description[ edit ] The phobia manifests itself in different ways. The felines of the world clearly have formed an alliance to make my life miserable.

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When I found out, I ran from the table screaming. Even adoreable, fat cats like this one. The standoff lasted until I finally had to scream for help, waking everyone up.

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As the kitten grew, she also became less afraid of full-grown cats. Not only do I freak out when a cat enters my turf, even some pictures showing their agility make me uneasy. Now I just bypass all of that and say I'm allergic. For most people it is less about fear than about loathing, similar to the reaction many people have to snakes or rats.

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