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BCIR Procedure Information

Bcir surgery. What Is the Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir (BCIR) Procedure?

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No appliance is worn, only a small covering over the stoma opening to absorb mucus. With this operation, a person with an ileostomy regains control over the discharge of their intestinal waste. Every pouch is a complex operation, and even with the Barnett version of the Koch pouch, called the BCIR or Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir , there is a chance of needing a surgical revision.

Treats Ulcerative Colitis or Familial Polyposis

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This is largely because the rate of revision surgeries and complications tends to be higher than that for a traditional ostomy. What is 3 plus 4?

Where to Find Us

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This is because the small intestine is a continuous-flow system. This is usually done times daily. The BCIR includes modifications to the original Kock pouch, designed to reduce the incidence of valve slippage and fistula formation. The surgery involves taking the edge of the end of the intestine and folding it back on itself circumferentially, sewing the edge to the intestine and then the skin.

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Barnett changed the suture line from triangular to lateral longitudinal. Where to Find Us Dr.

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In a traditional ostomy, an opening is made in the abdomen and a small piece of the intestine is exposed which is called a stoma so that stool can leave the body. Pouchitis usually starts to resolve within a few days of starting antibiotic treatment but for some patients, it can be recurrent.

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