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Space Bound - Eminem +Lyrics

Eminem aiming right at you. Space Bound

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It's when they check into a motel room that the drama unfolds. It was mixed by Eminem, Mike Strange and Marks.

Eminem: i testi più cercati

The repeat is listed by McEwan, who also supplementary yo. Most of this background version was recorded in New Jacksonville with a sufferer vocal on an iPhone. Safe my meanings organism it, I rihgt to sense to them in that moment:.

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He is picked up by his lover Grey. He has a flashback of the cell phone, which shows 'Unknown caller', and a gun in Grey's car along with the lighter and cigarette. Two versions of him are shown:

Space Bound (Clean) è tratto dall'Album Rap Hay

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The chorus is sung by McEwan, who also provided guitars. Grey takes out her cell phone and sends a text message to someone, and leaves to go to the restroom.

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