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Top 10 FAMOUS Draft Dodgers (Donald Trump, Bill Clinton)

Famous draft dodgers list. 10 “Patriots” Who Dodged the Draft or Did Not Serve

Famous draft dodgers list You can still be capable as a CO, by the way. Jim McDermott: Millions embryonic to have their occurrences permitted from the side rolls. vraft Records of subscribers on the Confidential Throw better up in addition agents to stake serving.

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Actions by resisters[ edit ] Declining to register for the draft, in nations where that is required by law. To avoid the Vietnam draft, Bill Clinton pulled out all the stops. According to Selective Service record, Cheney received five deferments in three years — four for college and one for being a parent. Ted Nugent.

2. Dick Cheney

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The judge did, and Rudy was saved from fighting for his country. Though he has been an advocate for war on many occasions over the years, Giuliani did whatever he could to avoid serving in the military. While most Democrats don't just say that war should be the last resort but truly believe it and try to resolve conflicts through more peaceful means, when just wars have been necessary and unavoidable, they have a long established record of putting their own lives and those of their own children on the line, rather than persuading other people to sacrifice themselves and their children: Clergymen and missionaries were also exempt from the draft, which is how Mitt Romney deferred while spending two years in France as a Mormon missionary.

1. Be a Conscientious Objector

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Later, even as legendary director John Ford told Wayne he needed to serve , the film star found excuses to stay out of the military. However, Romney certainly acted hawkish on the campaign trail, promising more aggressive action with respect to Iran and other Middle East hotspots. By adhering to the law[ edit ] U.

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Thanks, Dick. Most males are required to submit documents to local officials at age 18 and to begin service two years later.

Republican presidents and/or would be presidents :

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