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John Lithgow on Avoiding the Draft

Famous people who dodged the draft. 10 “Patriots” Who Dodged the Draft or Did Not Serve

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In interviews, Nugent said he got himself impossibly dirty and unhealthy in order to scare the draft board, but he later changed his tale. Pinterest Do Better is an op-ed column by writer Lincoln Anthony Blades that debunks fallacies regarding the politics of race, culture, and society — because if we all knew better, we'd do better.

2. Dick Cheney

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The war of words between Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough continues

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Advertisement It was Trump who, as a presidential candidate in July , dissed Senator John McCain , a former prisoner of war for roughly five and a half years during Vietnam , by stating, "I like people who weren't captured. May 30, 5:

1. John Wayne

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