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Fireball meme (flipaclip) gift for lighting chaser

Fireball chaser. 22 Bizarre Alcohol Combinations That Actually Taste Amazing

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So here I am to save the day with some kick-ass mixed drink combos that will get you just as drunk as your nasty solo cup shot—but without the pain. Finances take a turn for the better in July. I promise this drink is just as good as it is nostalgic. This is just the beginning.

Americans make Fireball whiskey 'bagel,' prove Montreal bagels are best

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Turn off the distractions and really focus in. Physical labor is favored and you have the high energy necessary to do more than you could have last week.

Hot Chocolate

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Leo and Sagittarius adore you. So here I am to save the day with some kick-ass mixed drink combos that will get you just as drunk as your nasty solo cup shot—but without the pain. This recipe calls for three parts of Cream Soda for every ounce of Fireball. This year features an exciting alchemy at work in your relationships.


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And the people you focus on feel like the most important ones in the world. However, today it just so happens that the thing you want to do makes your crowd happy too, so you both win!

1. It was originally "Dr. McGillicuddy’s Fireball Cinnamon Whisky"

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