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Nazi concentration camps and the Nuremberg Trials

Fluoride nazi. NHMRC Public Consultations

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Fluoride and bladder cancer would be a pig to research as the effect size is small, the exposure runs over half a century, and the outcome - bladder cancer - takes a lifetime to reveal itself. The on Fluoride By: Why are efforts to uncover the effects of fluoride so vilified, and why is the atmosphere so toxic? Alternatives to the practice exist - topical fluoride therapy toothbrushing etc.

Fear or Folly? The 411 on Fluoride

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Actually, I enjoyed that. What I want to show you is verifiable, documented information from the US federal government and other legitimate worldwide organizations. Within the field of dentistry — the focus of this article — fluoride has scientifically proven benefits in helping your teeth combat tooth decay.

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Most of these nations have dental care and surveillance at the school level. Dental fluorosis is a potential risk but is not problematic if the dosage is controlled. Well,of course that was their conclusion, there were no long-term trials done at this point.

Fluoride’s Rocky Debut

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