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Earlobe Repair after Significant Stretching: Pt.1

Gaged ears. 9 Things To Know If You Get Your Ears Gauged

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Many jewelry materials can be used in the manufacturing of jewelry for stretched piercings; materials that would ordinarily be too delicate or brittle to be inserted in smaller-gauge piercings are freely used. She then pushes a wooden peg through each piercing. The jewelry should never be forced in place. However, stretching with silicone is often a dangerous decision.

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It is solid and usually cylindrical, and may be flared out at one or both ends saddle-shaped , or kept in place by o-rings fastened around the ends. Tapering involves the use of a taper, a conical rod usually made specifically for this purpose. It is lubricated and pushed through the fistula until the widest part of the taper is level with the skin surrounding the piercing. Rather than expanding a healed fistula, this method involves extending the size of the piercing by using a scalpel to cut the edge of the fistula, expanding its diameter.

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When he finally renounced his wealth and discarded his jewelry, his ear lobes were permanently stretched. Jewelry for stretched piercings[ edit ] Flesh tunnel metal There is a large variety of jewelry available for stretched piercings. A variation on this is the flesh tunnel , which is shaped in the same way, but hollow in the middle. After piercing or scalpelling, a large taper can be inserted directly after, allowing skin to instantly be stretched to large diameters; several inches can be achieved.

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This technique is also often used to alter the placement of a large piercing, combine two existing piercings into one larger one, or achieve a higher-gauge piercing when scar tissue is preventing stretching, or when tissue has thinned too much making stretching too risky. They both believe that they should wear as much jewelry as possible because ears are revered as sacred. The blade is then pushed down upon and twisted by the piercer to "punch" out a small disk of skin. They can vary in length, but most tapers are about 2—3 inches 5.

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Many jewelry materials can be used in the manufacturing of jewelry for stretched piercings; materials that would ordinarily be too delicate or brittle to be inserted in smaller-gauge piercings are freely used. There are several common methods used to enlarge piercings, of various origins and appropriate for different circumstances.

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