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Not only can lower-end GPUs now produce smooth frames in applications that were previously too expensive, higher-end GPUs can now render at an even higher resolution increasing the fidelity of all experiences on all VR systems. So today we're shipping the Perfectly Normal Candy Emporium. This map ships with an asset pack, so you can reuse and remix space and farm-themed props and sounds to your heart's content.

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Instead, we wanted to focus on the best part of this holiday - the candy! SteamVR Motion Smoothing improves upon the previously released Asynchronous Reprojection to enhance the overall experience for customers across a wide variety of VR systems. Candy Emporium 24 October, - Lawrence With Halloween rapidly approaching, we figured folks have probably had enough with spooky decorations popping up - both in and out of VR.

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This means that the player is still experiencing full framerate 90 Hz for the Vive and Vive Pro , but the application only needs to render 1 out of every 2 frames, dramatically lowering the performance requirements. We are looking for gamers who can form their opinions on topics they are interested in, and who can discuss new games and upcoming releases with new, fresh and most importantly personal perspectives and write personal and informative articles about mods, video games these can be new and old alike , their own experiences and other topics chosen by them. Rebinding Games for New Controllers 25 October, - Lawrence The team continues to work on updates to SteamVR Input, and we've made strides in the overall system and user experience.

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