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How to Get Rid of Snakes in Your Yard - Getting Rid of a Snake in the Garden Naturally

Getting rid of copperheads. Conclusion​

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Naphthalene is derived from black walnut trees and is the same substance used in mothballs. The trick is to move them around at least once a week.

How to get rid of copperheads?

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The sharp-smelling substance is very toxic and can cause retinal and nerve damage. Well, for starters, the "creature comforts" for these snakes are long grasses and bodies of standing water, which won't be found indoors. Rattlesnakes range in size from feet, making them some of the largest serpents in the United States.

#2. Bring A Friend

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Using a push-broom, you can carefully move the snake out of your front door so that it is no longer inside of your house. The rattlesnake prefers dry environments like the North American southwest.

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People will most frequently encounter one in a untrue, dry marker, or hunt. I have a 7 after old and a 2 gettjng old who think paths are great.

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