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Haunted Hill Road ( Worse Than Clinton Rd )

Haunted roads in missouri. Cape Girardeau road considered Missouri’s “most haunted”

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Visitors can access Route 98 from I at Overton, Missouri. Missouri's Most Haunted House - The Screaming House, Union When the LaChance family rented a home in Union, they had no idea that they were going to face one of the most violent hauntings in generations.

Missouri's Most Famous Haunted Mansion - Lemp Mansion, St. Louis

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Prisoners of war were also kept on the premises, and the ghost of a German POW is still said to lurk inside one of the cells in the basement. When he looked inside he saw a military officer in 19th century dress, sitting at a desk writing by candlelight. As you may or may not be aware, the word knob is an old term for a hill or smaller mountain.

Missouri's Most Haunted House - The Screaming House, Union

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The haunted road leading to the haunted house. Other strange incidents include unexplained ragtime music playing and moving wig stands which will turn themselves to face the mirrors when nobody is in the room!

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