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Life As A Helicopter Pilot Flight Vlog

Helicopter jargon. Helicopter Slang and/or Technical Terms

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"Pilot Jargon"

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Recommended by user Mike W. Deviation A compass error caused by magnetic disturbances from the electrical and metal components in the aircraft. Dissymmetry Of Lift The equal life between the advancing and retreating halves of the rotor disc as relative wind alters the effective velocity of each blade. Fourth Point of Contact — From rolling after a successful parachute drop:

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The control for changing the pitch of all the rotor blades in the main rotor system equally and simultaneously and, consequently, the amount of lift or thrust being generated. Aptly named due to the rapidity of a Jet Fighter's movement.

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Centrifugal Clutch or clutchable V — belts to main rotor gearbox to drive the rotors. Dual Rotor A rotor system utilizing two main rotors. Cyclic Feathering The mechanical change of the angle of incidence, or pitch, of individual rotor blades independently of other blades in the system. Joint Operation Planning — All type of planning involving joint military forces in regards to military operations including, but not limited to, mobilization, deployment, and sustainment.

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