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DIY Nose and Nipple Piercing

How bad does a nipple piercing hurt. 6 Important Things To Know Before Getting Your Nipples Pierced Like Rihanna

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Back to the Question of the Hour Do nipple piercings hurt? Not everyone can get their nipples pierced.

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Why else do you think some women only get one? I'm not alone in my love for RiRi.

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Some people say when their pierced nipples are flicked, licked, or massaged, it really adds to their arousal. Like any piercing, it has to puncture the skin, which causes some discomfort. First couple of days and nights were rough. If you do snag or rip out your nipple piercing, quickly clean the area and try to get the jewelry back in.

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There's no denying that any piercing will include at least a momentary painful pinch, but having your nipples pierced likely won't hurt anywhere near as badly as you think it will. As with most piercings, expect a bit of crustiness for the first few weeks.

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