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Uncontested Divorce In California

How long does an uncontested divorce take in california. How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced in California?

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California permits deviation from its child support guidelines when either party requests it. It is easier to effect a name change during the divorce rather than after the divorce is finalized. Issues that could lengthen the divorce process include:

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

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In some cases, moving quickly may force you to request changes to spousal or child support agreement after the divorce finalization — something that can draw out the process beyond average timelines. One of the spouses may request temporary court orders by filing for an Order to Show Cause hearing.

Court Filing and Service Deadlines

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And if you and your spouse or domestic partner are likely to have disagreements about these issues, what you write on your financial disclosure documents can affect the outcome of the case. However, the more complex the structure of the business, the more there will be a need for an expert review of the financial documents. In an uncontested divorce, either both parties agree to the terms of the divorce or the respondent fails to respond to the petition which will result in a default judgment.


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