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How to know if ur a good kisser. How to Kiss: 20 Secrets Good Kissers Know

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You keep your tongue to yourself after age Instead of sticking to your own style and hope to match it, you try to sync in his style.

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You use lip balm! There are so many ways to kiss, so being a good kisser is just a matter of finding someone you're compatible with. A good kisser is a person who kisses exactly like you do. If the person you're kissing is engaged with what you're doing, you don't need to worry if your kissing is lackluster.

That begs the question then: How do we know where we stand when it comes to kissing?

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Physical chemistry, especially when it comes to kissing, is crucial for the success of a relationship to work. If you know when to amp it up or slow it down, your partner will definitely enjoy kissing you.

You kiss often.

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