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New Frontiers in Geriatric Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medicine

Jerryatric. Big 10 Basic Principles of Geriatrics

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Advocacy with non-governmental organizations NGOs , charitable organizations, and faith-based organizations could play an important role in this aspect. Further development of methods that might possibly help monitor and regulate dosage administration and scheduling is an area that deserves attention.

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India has very few hospices that can provide terminal patient care. HELP has been replicated in over 63 hospitals across the world. Overall, women live about 5 years longer than men, probably because of genetic, biologic, and environmental factors.

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Unique to the program is the use of specially trained volunteers who carry out the majority of the non-clinical interventions. Adjective Start with your local council on aging to find a geriatric care manager or social worker. Dey AB, editor.

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Preventing falls," 19 Apr. Charaka described the fatigue and physical exhaustion caused by premature aging as the result of a poor diet.

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