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"Octopus" by Jonathan Coulton

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Roper Updated: Try telling your browser to accept them. Inspired by and thanks to Flickr Leech. Roper hands me an ice-cold grape soda and takes her remaining free hand to rustle my equally impressive and immaculate… Asian Lady Afro.

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Many thanks to Lokesh Dhakar for his lightbox2 image viewer. No, it seems the hesitance expressed by many centers around its questionable wearability. So what exactly qualifies as Bohemian, you ask?

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Tribal Blazer and Pencil Skirt The blend of a tribal pattern on a fitted blazer is quintessential Structured Bohemian. To ensure that this blazer is the visual focal point, I paired it with a high waisted black pencil skirt and white tank. While you are still free to play with flouncy fabrics and bright patterns to conjure all things Mrs. To bring a bit of structure to this look, I have paired it with a striped bodycon dress so that your shape is not lost in the billowy nature of the flouncy duster.

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