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Niacin and cranberry detox. Should You Try a Niacin Detox to Beat a Drug Test?

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The second common claim regarding niacin and passing a drug test is that vasodilation, or flushing, helps open up the blood vessels in your body so THC metabolites can be pushed out easier. Since most drugs are filtered by the body and excreted via urine, urine is the most common drug test. Conclusion Despite the fact that many people claim that this method does not work, it usually stems from the fact that the amount of time that the pills were taken for was not sufficient.

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However, these claims are not scientific. While there are claims that niacin is the ideal way to detox the body before a drug test, there are so many risks involved that doing so could be damaging to your health. NO, Niacin is an old method people tried using many years ago with little success.

Pass A Drug Test With Niacin

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If your urine starts to dilute too much from hydration, consider taking vitamin B12 pill as it turns urine yellow. It makes you pee more, which will help eliminate toxins and drugs from your urine.


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Bear in mind that taking niacin pills will only have an effect on a urine drug test; all other drug tests are unaffected by niacin intake. Niacin is found in every B-complex vitamin and in several different fruits and vegetables such as avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, asparagus and also food such as almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Is There Another Solution to Pass Drug Tests?

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However, some people do have a niacin deficiency, which is why supplements are readily available. On the test day take mg of niacin capsules an hr before the test. While taking the niacin, you would also need to drink gallons of water per day, exercise for at least an hour and not smoke any marijuana. There is no measure to determine exactly how much THC is stored throughout your fat cells, there is no perfect equation to how much niacin one would need to take based on weight or any other factors to ensure that all THC or other drugs would be out of your system.

Niacin Flush

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