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Oops I crapped my pants

Oops i crapped my pants image. Oops I Crapped My Pants

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Kind of looked like war paint…. Pointed the tip, bombed as long as I could manage, and again a massive cartwheeling wipeout. I forgot my dad learnt google this year. I crapped my pants.

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Somehow I manage to spin J. I am considering my options when… insert sound of screeching tires here …J. Pointed the tip, bombed as long as I could manage, and again a massive cartwheeling wipeout.

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It's ok honey. One day while I was teaching word study, J. For some reason, the whole class is silent. Uh, Ms.

Oops I crapped my pants

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And again, what did they serve for lunch? We continue on with our game and at least fifteen minutes go by when I start to wonder where the hell J. Do you think you could walk J.

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