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Raton topix forum. Lies about pharmacist job market

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He kept yelling and kicking. All three of them have been placed on administrative leave.

Officer in New Mexico..... getting railroaded ?

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NO interviews with the Emergency Room doctors and nurses were held. And if convicted, they will all be sent to prison. And eventually the powerful Saenz family got what they wanted:

Top Cities for Pharmacist Jobs

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Please, let me explain. I graduated in with a PharmD from MN.

Recent Pharmacist Jobs

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Please, let me explain. Chris and I are still in shock. NO interviews with the Emergency Room doctors and nurses were held.

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Now, I am starting to hear that the market in Texas is getting worse, there is a tech, who graduated from pharmacy school, can't find a job and continues to work as a technician. Sent to prison just for doing their jobs! Honestly, we really need to unionize and put a stop on them opening up pharmacy schools.

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