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Forbidden footage of actual location of Red Sea Crossing & Mt. Sinai

Red sea crossing hoax. Did the Red Sea Part? No Evidence, Archaeologists Say

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While this would certainly force us to reinterpret what it means to be the salt of the earth, Christ being our brother, being one of us, being the first of us to experience the resurrection, well, none of that would be true. There are many reputable archaeologists doing good field work in the lands of the Bible.

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The date of composition is unknown, but it is commonly assigned to the late 1st century C. There was no guarantee that the mosaics would continue into the nave, the large central area of the synagogue. For starters, Jesus would not be human as possessing 46 chromosomes is one of the fundamental definitions of being human. More to the point, could chariot wheels and human remains have lasted on the bottom of a tropical sea floor teaming with scavenger life for more than 3, years?

The Red Sea Crossing

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They had hit a patch of mosaic. Shmuel notes that "a characteristic of this literature is the high honour in which it holds the peoples of the East in general and some specific groups among these peoples. Annotated view of the Nile and Red Sea, with a dust storm [19] The Red Sea is between arid land, desert and semi-desert.

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If the people are upset, that is not my problem. Oxford University Press,

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So healthy debate surrounding archaeological discoveries will always be present. The rest of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden are subjected to regular and seasonally reversible winds.


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