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And he lawyered up, which they have lawyers on staff all the time. The club was known for having some of the first and best Chinese food in the region.

30 Replies to “Purple Crackle Becomes The Pony”

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A recent customer told us The Pony Cabaret features a stripper pole and scantily clad dancers. The Purple Crackle burned at least twice, with two men arrested for arson in a fire. Right now, he's dealing with concerns involving the four properties he owns in East Cape Girardeau.


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When it burned in , the village board had to cancel plans for landscaping and equipping the city park due to the loss of tax revenue from the night club. Copyright KFVS. A recent customer told us The Pony Cabaret features a stripper pole and scantily clad dancers.

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See what you can dig up. All rights reserved.

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