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How the Apostles Died

Was peter crucified upside down. Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles?

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How did the apostle Peter ultimately die? The Gospel of John places the second denial while Peter was still warming himself at the fire, and gives as the occasion of the third denial a claim by someone to have seen him in the garden of Gethsemane when Jesus was arrested. In accordance with the apocryphal Acts of Peter , he was crucified head down. In conclusion, we can reasonably conclude that Peter was in fact crucified in Rome.

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The Church of Quo Vadis , near the Catacombs of Saint Callistus , contains a stone in which Jesus' footprints from this event are supposedly preserved, though this was apparently an ex-voto from a pilgrim , and indeed a copy of the original, housed in the Basilica of St Sebastian. The Acts of Peter is filled with legendary material, such as Peter raising a tuna fish and Simon Magus flying through the air. Here is a reference I found on the internet which provides some interesting information on this matter a link to the page is also provided: At the beginning of the Last Supper , Jesus washed his disciples' feet.

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Apostolic succession The leadership of Peter forms the basis of the Apostolic succession and the institutional power of orthodoxy, as the heirs of Peter, [25] and is described as "the rock" on which the church will be built. However, it is also said that the institution of the papacy is not dependent on the idea that Peter was Bishop of Rome or even on his ever having been in Rome. It is uncertain whether Origen derived this from an independent tradition or from the Acts of Peter. Smaltz have suggested that the incident in Acts


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