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10 Plants That Could Kill You

What does oleander look like. What Do Dead Oleanders Look Like?

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This means that it needs a lot of nutrients and a lot of fertiliser during its growth period. Oleander plant locations Oleander plant compendium entry Once you find one oleander plant in RDR2, the compendium will basically tell you where they mostly grow. Prune oleander after the main bloom period to encourage bushier growth and more flowers, and to reduce the size of the shrub. Try not to get the sap from freshly trimmed leaves or branches on you as they could cause skin irritation.

Plant Description

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Try not to get the sap from freshly trimmed leaves or branches on you as they could cause skin irritation. Their long, narrow leaves are smooth but leathery. In the Phoenix area, you'll find white, pink, salmon, and red.

Poisonous Parts

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Oleander will also tolerate moisture in its winter quarter for a short time, but we advise you to keep it drier. If you look for evergreen oleander in nature, you will see that it mostly grows in the flooded areas of riparian zones, which are nutrient-rich and condensed.

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