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What is synecdoche and examples. What is Synecdoche? Definition, Examples of Synecdoche in Literature

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To recognize synecdoche it's helpful to understand that there are different sorts of wholes and parts. The word "glasses" refer to eyewear. The word "sails" is often used to refer to a whole ship.

III. The Importance of Synecdoche

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The wheels refers to the entire car. What is the Difference Between Synecdoche and Metonymy? What does synecdoche mean?

II. Examples of Synecdoche

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By using synecdoche, Dickinson doesn't need to tell us these details outright, which allows her to maintain the poem's sparse, fragmented style. In the example from Macbeth, for example, Shakespeare uses the synecdoche "Take thy face hence" rather than having Macbeth simply say "You can go now," because the former is far more revealing of Macbeth's haughty, violent character at this point in the play. It is not the wheels that are awesome.

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