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Opposite: Learn 120+ Common Opposites in English from A-Z - Antonyms List (Part I)

What is the opposite of womanizer. womanizer - meaning in hindi

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Although seductress fits in some ways, couldn't it also be used to describe a woman who pursues a man on only one occasion? Of course not. Comment Womanizers tend to be those smooth talking confidence men who can usually get whatever they want just by using their charm.

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Depp is forced to go under treatment with a psychiatrist Marlon Brando to fix this. Depp ends up convincing most of the staff that it is true, and he ends up having a profound effect on all of their romantic lives. The whole thing is a fun look at the evolution of their relationship. It is a misdiagnosis though and Alfie wants to do right with his second chance.

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Turns out Eisenberg needs help picking up women and given the mood Scott is in, he promptly takes him out on a night on the town in search of sex. He has many great relationships in his life, but takes them all for granted, like sleeping with a woman his best friend Omar Epps loves and used to date.


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