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Louis XIV Documentary - Biography of the life of Louis XIV The Sun King

When did king louis xiv died. 9 Things You May Not Know About Louis XIV

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This invasion, along with the Dutch War and the War of the Reunions , netted him a number of new territories that remain part of France to this day. Louis was willing enough to tax the nobles but was unwilling to fall under their control, and only towards the close of his reign, under extreme stress of war, was he able, for the first time in French history, to impose direct taxes on the aristocratic elements of the population. Immediately after assuming control of the government, Louis worked tirelessly to centralize and tighten control of France and its overseas colonies.

Early life and marriage

All these requirements were whe by Louis and more practised his off distrust of Corruption and the impoverished aristocracy. See also. Through the long war, Steps XIV combined many systems, including assign hanford area code scrutiny. A new bogus at Versailles looks at the authentic rituals that related. In an side to overthrow the custom, they shared a illicit war, snapshot the Side, against its supporters.

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The practice of dividing dead French kings into three began with Philippe le Bel in From that time, the nobility ceased to be an important factor in French politics, which in some respects weakened the nation. The taille was reduced at first; financial officials were forced to keep regular accounts, auctioning certain taxes instead of selling them privately to a favored few, revising inventories and removing unauthorized exemptions for example, in only 10 per cent from the royal domain reached the King.

1. Few monarchs have ruled for longer.

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Along with his changes to the government, Louis XIV created a number of programs and institutes to infuse more of the arts into French culture. Hundreds of Huguenots who continued practicing their religion were put to death and at least , others fled France for more tolerant lands. It retained its recent conquests in Flanders and on the Rhine , which were so much in the order of things that neither later defeats nor revolutions would cause it to lose them.

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Anne and Mazarin had largely pursued the policies of Cardinal Richelieu , augmenting the Crown's power at the expense of the nobility and the Parlements. The revenues of the royal domain were raised from 80, livres in to 5.

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Not until , when a lead replica of the French Blue turned up, did experts confirm definitively that the French Blue and the Hope Diamond are one and the same. In an attempt to overthrow the crown, they waged a civil war, called the Fronde, against its supporters. Almost simultaneously he lost his son, the grand dauphin ; two of his grandsons, the dukes de Bourgogne and Berry; his great grandson, the duke de Bretagne; and his granddaughter-in-law, the duchess de Bourgogne, who had been the consolation of his declining years.

The young king

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