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What is Polychromatic Music? - An introduction with comparison of modern microtonal instruments.

Which composer was considered the master of polyphonic music. Rise of Renaissance Polyphony: Dufay, des Prez & Palestrina

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Josquin wrote both sacred and secular music, and in all of the significant vocal forms of the age, including masses, motets, chansons and frottole. When played in this fashion, it was sometimes referred to as "viola da gamba", in order to distinguish it from viols played "on the arm": The spacious, resonant interior was one of the inspirations for the music of the Venetian School. Musical practices in New Spain continually coincided with European tendencies throughout the subsequent Baroque and Classical music periods.

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Also, the body was an S-shape so it was rather unwieldy, but was suitable for the slow dance music which it was most commonly used for. Assuming that he had been on the continent with the Duke of Bedford, Dunstaple would have been introduced to French fauxbourdon ; borrowing some of the sonorities, he created elegant harmonies in his own music using thirds and sixths an example of a third interval is the notes C and E; an example of a sixth interval is the notes C and A. Renaissance compositions were notated only in individual parts; scores were extremely rare, and barlines were not used. Often the harmonization used a technique of parallel writing known as fauxbourdon , as in the following example, a setting of the Marian antiphon Ave maris stella.

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Writing a few decades later in about , the Flemish composer and music theorist Tinctoris reaffirmed the powerful influence Dunstaple had, stressing the "new art" that Dunstaple had inspired. Notes with black noteheads such as quarter notes occurred less often.

What Is Polyphony?

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At the beginning of the 16th century, instruments were considered to be less important than voices. Most were for three to six voices.

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