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How To Stop Your Testicles/Vagina From Itching (When Anti-Fungus Cream DOESN'T WORK)

Why do my balls itch. From STIs to chafing, what your itchy testicles REALLY mean (and when you should be worried)

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The resulting rash is often red, raw, and stings. You may also notice a powder-like substance in your underwear or small red or blue spots from louse bites. Despite two weeks of medicine and ointment, there has been no improvement with the itchiness.

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Poor hygiene or medical condition? The most crucial measure to treat tinea cruris is to resist that compelling desire to scratch the balls.

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Other fungal infections look a little different: So if your balls start itching when you buy a new soap or detergent you may want to swap back to what you were using before. Other risk factors also include poor hygiene and tight fitting undergarment. Pair that with a zinc cream, like Desitin , which protects your skin from future rubbing by adding a protective barrier.

What could be causing the itch?

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